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An Act of Kindness

A few weeks ago, Andrew (my fiancé) was having one of the worst poker sessions he’s ever had. By worst, I mean unluckiest/cold deck-iest/buy-in worthy bad days. He’d been playing for a few hours when he texted me and asked if I could bring him his white Express track jacket to the Wynn. I […]

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Getting Poker Coaching from Balugawhale

So this is my exciting news as written in a blog I posted on :

Poker players are obviously good at reading people, but often, it doesn’t transfer from the poker table to real life. For Jay Rosenkrantz, I believe it does.

First, he saw a real desire in me to change and improve my […]

Random Pics

Wow, I totally sucked at updated in the last three weeks. Since a lot has happened, including a couple of the best times of my life…

First thing after Berlin was a ski trip to Brianhead Utah with a bunch of my friends from Card Player.

The ski trip was amazing. Nothing like great friends […]