Monthly Archives: May 2010

The Paper Chase

Being the super hip awesome broad I am, I often use cool terms. Like, let’s say someone asks me to go to the mall. I’ll be like, “No dude, sorry. Can’t. I gotta work. I’m on the PAPER CHASE.” (Imagine me not pronouncing the last consonant in paper)

HAHA, just kidding. I actually just recently […]

Engagement Story

If you’re gag reflex strong, just stop reading now… this could get quite mushy.

Now that I’ve given fair warning, I’ll tell you all Andrew and my engagement story. We were engaged almost exactly one year ago in Paris. We’d planned a trip just after EPT Grand Final last year to visit his mom who […]

My Take On Monaco – Rich People Wear White

Never wear white. It is not slimming and it gets dirty.

That’s what my mom told me since I was a little kid. And it t makes sense. Why would you get something white? It will just dull or stain, so you’re basically burning money. From that point on, I never bought anything white. Every […]