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Thoughts on LINSANITY and Jeremy Lin

Yeah, I like Jeremy Lin! So what? Also, who wants free court-side tickets to the Houston Rockets vs. L.A. Clippers game? Then WATCH!

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Is She Batshit Cray?

Come on guys, you all know it. Sometimes girls are crazy. Here are my Top Five Facebook Profile Warnings that should tip you off that she might be effing nuts…

I hope you guys are well. I’m recovering from my latest trip to Brazil.

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Strong female bods… HOT or NOT?

Oh jeez. Subway doors are hard to open again… it’s time to get back into BEAST MODE!

Last year around this time, Donnie Peters and I started a prop bet to finish the nutso 60-day cardio-based workout plan called Insanity. It was so effing hard, but we did it. Afterwards, I felt unstoppable. Gone were […]

Get Out of the Friend Zone

Helloooooo! Last time I posted, I hinted at writing about the dreaded Friend Zone and also the possibility of starting a YouTube Channel. I finally did it! For those of you who want the advice wrapped up into a neat 5-minute package, here is the video:

If you liked the video, can you please, please, […]