My name is Kristy Arnett. I’m 27-years-old, married, a washed up collegiate athlete, an aspiring novel writer, a social-media addict, and a hopeless klutz. I currently live in Las Vegas with my gorgeous husband, but I spend much of my time traveling for my job as a producer, host, and writer for

I found it impossible to write my own bio, so I decided to write a timeline instead. These are what I believe to be the most pivotal moments in my life that have shaped me into who I am.


1985 – I am born in Kalamazoo, MI as Kristy Ann Nguyen to a young, unwed, mother who is completely unprepared for me. Yep… I’m a whoopsy baby! And since I get this question almost every other day, I’ll admit that I’m half Korean, half Vietnamese. My mother was adopted from South Korea at age 11 and my father is Vietnamese.

1989 – I start school early due to my October birthday. I’m cute as balls, but I’m an asshole. My single-working mom does her best, but I obviously don’t make it any easier.

1990 – My mother marries an amazing, patient man who treats me as his own. He adopts me, hence my very non-asian last name, Arnett. Because of him, I become a more loving, empathic child (still kind of mean though and a terrible sore loser).

1992 – Lindsey, my little sister, is born. I confidently assume the role as a protective, example-setting big sister.

1994 – Olivia, my little sister, is born. I step up my game. I make them stretch and do daily workouts. Before they can even speak, I tell them that all “colors” of people are equal, and that it’s ok to be gay.

1997 – I’m in seventh grade, and the hottest guy in school asks me out. Lots of girls are jealous and wondering why he would ask me. It’s just before the Valentine’s Day dance. By this time, I’m a full-blown tomboy. I dress up in my favorite outfit for the dance: navy blue track pants and a University of Michigan t-shirt that says, “Shut up and play.” Everyone laughs at me, he dumps me the next day, and the leader of my group of friends tells me that everyone thinks I’m weird.

1999 – I start high school with a fresh start. I make new friends and nab a spot on the Varsity soccer team as the only freshman. We win the State Championship. So then, I’m like, totally cool. Also, I begin wearing girl clothes.

2000-2003 – Highlights: Lose tons of basketball games, win tons of soccer games, receive high honors, win homecoming princess, learn to sleep on 10 minute car rides, drink for the first time and puke, lose virginity, crash my car, go to prom, graduate, and go to Indiana Purdue of Fort Wayne on an academic and soccer scholarship.

2004 – I learn how to play no-limit texas hold’em. The baseball and soccer boys invite me to play in their home games. I’m thrilled about that for a few reasons. I win a $5 freeroll on Pacific Poker and run it up to $700. I crash yet another car (gimme a break, I’m Asian), so I cash out everything but $60 to help buy another one. I promptly play two $30 sit-and-gos and lose, thus giving me my first lesson in bankroll management.

I also manage to purchase a more than adequate fake I.D. I party harder than I study and play more poker than soccer. Monday- Funday. Tuesday – Buffalo Wild Wings, Wednesday – 50 cent beer karaoke night, Thursday – Peanuts 15 cent wings, Friday/Saturday Party obv. In the midst of this, I meet the love of my life, Andrew Moreno. He thinks I’m crazy, but he’s smitten. We travel the underground Fort Wayne poker circuit together and became all too familiar with the inner workings of the small, grungy, community of degens.

2005 – During the summer, I find a lump in my stomach. Four days later I have surgery to remove it. I’m told it’s cancerous. It’s a chapter in my life I feel lucky to have had.

2006 – I finish my last soccer season, and Andrew and I pack our bags to head to Las Vegas. We have no money and no jobs, but it’s full speed ahead. Luckily, I land an internship with Card Player Magazine.

2009 – Andrew proposes to me in Paris. I punch him and say yes!

2010 – I accept a position at PokerNews. I begin traveling and seizing new opportunities. It was one of the best and toughest decisions I’d ever made.

DeucesCracked offers me poker coaching with Andrew Seidman. My game finally takes a massive turn, and I win a MiniFTOPS heads up event. Ship the jersey and the money!!!!… oh wait :(

2011 – Best year of my life.  We traveled, we partied, and most importantly, I married the man of my dreams.