Before I post the blog about all the mushy, lovey, wedding stuff, I figured I should do a blog on all the shenanigans that took place before the ceremony… AKA Bachelorette/Bachelor party bender.

To be honest, most of it is a big blur, but it’s a good thing I had a camera!

First up, Lynn comes a week early… and this is what ensues. Pure chaos.

At some point, we meet up with Sarah Grant and hit up the $1-$2 tables at Oshea’s. I’m pretty sure we took this after some dude at the table tried to explain to US what a string bet was. He thought it was cute that we didn’t understand the rules when he was CLEARLY wrong.

Right after, the three of his hit up a $30 nightly tournament at Bill’s Gambling Hall… and I win? And proposed to Sarah?

Then, the real bachelorette party began… This was Thursday. One of my bridesmaids, Shannon, came early. It started with drinks at the poker table at Aria (Lynn and a I semi-crushed poker, and Shannon crushed the free drinks). Then, we continued to Tao for free dinner/drinks (it pays to be a local lady).

When we came home, the house was packed with Andrew’s friends as well, including our favorite Swedes! Friday morning, Andrew told us girls that he had a surprise for us… He booked us a room at Aria for the night. When we got there though, we found out it wasn’t just a room, it was a gigantic suite. It was so big it had a conference room in it! Plus a living room, bar, and an amazing view… I couldn’t have been happier (or so I thought). This is the video my friend Timeka took. She catches me hugging Andrew, thanking him for doing this for us.

After Andrew left to join his bachelors, Lynn, Shannon and I headed to the pool. We decided to check out Liquid which is basically like a club/pool. We walked in sober, totally unprepared for this type of place. All the girls were wearing full faces of makeup, heels, and bathing suits that were were so fancy, they were definitely not intended to get wet. There was no where to sit or laydown, so we just ordered a drink and aimlessly walked around. Just as we were about to leave, a dude told us we could hang out at an extra day bed they had. We were skeptical at first, but thanked him and laid down on the bed next to theirs. We slowly sipped our drinks, and enjoyed the scene. The guys who let us use their bed were 100% not creepy. They were totally friendly and actually, the guy who invited us over was the bachelor in a bachelor party. As the drinks kicked in, we were having a full blown amazing time. As we were laying down, soaking up the sun, drink in hand, I actually looked over to Lynn at one point and “Really? This is our life?” She laughed and acknowledged her own personal motto: Life’s good. Then… suddenly we heard the Rocky Song and the shrieking of whistles… The guy ordered a bottle of Cristal on his friend’s tab who was passed out. Ouch, that’s gonna be expensive. Then we made Shannon do the worm for not knowing what Cristal was.

We left the pool and went back up to the room. That’s when Andrew’s sister and her friend arrived. It was time for Thunder from Down Under!!! We met up with a bunch of my Las Vegas girlfriends and prepared for some Aussie booty… These pics were taken pre-show (looking fresh).

We sat down and waited for the show to begin. I was obviously already pretty intoxicated at this point. Just a quick tidbit to showcase how amazing Lynn is… So, all week I told her NO TIARAS, NO FEATHER BOAS, NO PENiS STRAWS etc.. well, in my drunken state, I looked around the room at Thunder From Down Under, and saw a million other bachelorette parties and all the brides had Tiaras.

I looked at Lynn and like a diva and I screamed, “Where’s my Tiara!”

“You said you didn’t want one! Our tickets came with one for you but I told them you didn’t want it!”

“I want one now!”

“AHH! Ok, I’ll make it happen.”

Boom. ship it. I got a tiara! :) Ahh I love Lynn. Unfortunately though, a few jello shots in, and I was dunfer. I literally passed out during the show… This is me after.

We got in a cab and went back to Aria. I told everyone that I just needed to nap, and I would rally. Sure enough, we got out of the cab and I was ready to go. We walked straight into Haze. We were dancing, and having a great time, and I let my mind wander to Nicole, my maid of honor. She’s been my best friend since freshman year of college. We had been through so much together (multiple heart breaks, college exams, cancer, parental issues, moving apart… growing into adults) I was devastated that she couldn’t come. I tried to push her out of my mind and continue having a great time. She wasn’t there, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Suddenly, I had the urge to check my cell phone. I had just missed a call from Andrew. He texted me saying “Please call me ASAP.” I walked out of the club where it was quiet enough to carry a conversation. He told me he had to talk to me, and that he was outside the club. I walked out, spotted him, and SAW NICOLE! I BURST into tears and just squeezed her. I was in shock. I looked at Andrew in disbelief. He said that he, Tony, Donnie, and Garry rallied together to bring her. I couldn’t believe it! Now, everything was perfect. Andrew didn’t let me linger too long, and he pushed us back inside the club to have fun.

To Donnie, Garry, Tony, and Andrew… I will FOREVER be grateful for what you guys did. I’m so lucky to have such amazing friends. It was so incredibly kind :) and I cannot thank you enough.

The weekend continued as soon as we woke up. We went back to Liquid, ate sushi, took a nap, rallied again, and went back to Tao… Yikes.  This night was a total shit show and most of the pics are completely unexceptable to show the public.

Tidbits from this night…

**Shannon couldn’t make it out (She was partied out)
**I gave in and wore a feather boa (Thanks Alex)
**We partied at a $5K minimum table for free because it was vacant (again, it pays to be a girl)
**Jamie Fox showed up and performed unexpectedly
**Then night ended with Lynn and I WWF-style wrestling in middle of the Venetian (security was called)
**Our cab drivers hated us

The next day, my body was wrecked. I had been partying day/night for three sleeps. I swore off drinking forever… until the Swedes said, “One more night?”

The thing about Andrew and I is that we have almost ALL of the same friends. Most of my closest friends are the guys who were at Andrew’s bachelor party, so when they wanted me to go out Sunday night, I had to at least consider it. We all had dinner together, and the boys went to XS. Lynn and I went home and watched a couple episodes of Gossip Girl. I was so ready to just go to bed, but I started getting texts from the boys. “Are you coming? Please come!”

I threw my hair up, slapped some make up on, slipped on some heels, and went out the door.

I was SO happy I went… Unfortunately though, I tried a little to hard to catch up. My body must have been pissed at me. Andrew and I left to… umm… well, Ahem, engage in some adult activity (no, we didn’t wait until marriage). We got home though, and it wasn’t pretty. I tried to laid down, but just as I did, my mouth started to water. NOOO!!! I got up and ran to the bathroom, and didn’t quite make it to the toilet. There was red puke EVERYWHERE (cranberry vodka/PF changs)…

“Ughhhhhh, Andrew. I’m so sorry!”

“OMG, Kristy, this is sooo gross!!! What did you EAAAAT???”

“idk… (mumble)… I’m sorryyy. So sorry babe.”

“It’s everywhere!! I’m literally mopping the ceiling! How did projectile so faaaar?? Ewwww Kris!”

“I didn’t know I drizzank soo much baaabe.”

“You’re gross!”

“Andrewwww don’t be mean, I’m sorry!”

“Kris, I’m sorry! I love you. And you were so sexy I couldn’t wait to get you home but now I’m mopping the wall and it’s naaaasty!! But I love you. Are you ok?”

Whoops. Still, the weekend was the best time of my life… until the wedding of course. That will be Part II of this blog that I will hopefully post next week.

One last thing though. I want to say that Lynn Gilmartin is absolutely amazing. She organized the entire weekend, handled every roadblock, hooked us up with every deal in town, held my nerves together, and couldn’t have been a better friend to me. I’m SO LUCKY to have youuu, LYNN! I frickin love you man.

Wow, writing this blog makes me want to go out… :)