My Sister’s Vegan Recipe Book!

My sister Lindsey Arnett compiled her favorite easy vegan recipes, and we made it into an Ebook! She wants to share her passion for healthy eating with EVERYONE so the book is essentially free. But if you’d like to donate ANY amount, it’d be SO appreciated. She’s raising money for a leadership workshop. Anything helps! You get […]

Small Improvements

Hey guys!

Just checking in. How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Do I need to kick your ass?

As you guys saw from my last blog update, my main resolution is to complete 30-Day Challenges every month (among other goals). This month was to do Yoga everyday. So far, so good :)

When I started […]

U Mad?

Alright, I’m about to get all “I am woman, hear me roar,” on you guys, so you’ve been warned. If you’re a guy who can’t handle that, then get your pansy-ass off my blog.

Excuse me for the hostility, but I just got done reading a few forum posts about me rating my “do-ability” or […]

I had to say it

This is one of those blogs that, when I’m finished, I’ll hover the mouse over the “Publish” button for probably longer than it took me to write the damned thing. Hopefully, a surge of confidence will flow through my body and to my pointer finger, pressing the button. I’ll squeeze my eyes shut and […]

I’m Lucky!

I’ve been away from home since March 9th covering pokers tournaments for PokerNews. Fifteen days ago, after missing my first flight (a mistake that was idiotic and will never happen again), I boarded a plane to New York City and had the awesome misfortune of a 12-hour layover. My cousin, who I haven’t gotten […]

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Thoughts on LINSANITY and Jeremy Lin

Yeah, I like Jeremy Lin! So what? Also, who wants free court-side tickets to the Houston Rockets vs. L.A. Clippers game? Then WATCH!

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Is She Batshit Cray?

Come on guys, you all know it. Sometimes girls are crazy. Here are my Top Five Facebook Profile Warnings that should tip you off that she might be effing nuts…

I hope you guys are well. I’m recovering from my latest trip to Brazil.

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Strong female bods… HOT or NOT?

Oh jeez. Subway doors are hard to open again… it’s time to get back into BEAST MODE!

Last year around this time, Donnie Peters and I started a prop bet to finish the nutso 60-day cardio-based workout plan called Insanity. It was so effing hard, but we did it. Afterwards, I felt unstoppable. Gone were […]

New Posts Every Wednesday!


As you can see from the look of the site, I put in some work updating things! By some, I mean a lot, because it takes me forever to figure shizz out. I’m no website developer, but I like to do it myself (that’s what she said). I rewrote the About section, fixed broken […]

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Downswing :)

So you might be wondering why the hell I would put a smiley face after “downswing” in the title… welp, I guess I just decided not to be upset about it. I’m currently going through the largest downswing I’ve ever had. If I’m being honest, it’s not all that bad. I am, by nature, […]

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