2013 Goals and Resolutions

Happy New Year! I’m ready to make 2013 my B****! How about you? :)

Now that the hangover from NYE celebrations has subsided, I’m as ready as ever to accomplish some big goals. My main New Year’s Resolution is to do a 30-Day Challenge every single month of 2013. The concept is incredibly simple, but […]

Is She Batshit Cray?

Come on guys, you all know it. Sometimes girls are crazy. Here are my Top Five Facebook Profile Warnings that should tip you off that she might be effing nuts…

I hope you guys are well. I’m recovering from my latest trip to Brazil.

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Get Out of the Friend Zone

Helloooooo! Last time I posted, I hinted at writing about the dreaded Friend Zone and also the possibility of starting a YouTube Channel. I finally did it! For those of you who want the advice wrapped up into a neat 5-minute package, here is the video:

If you liked the video, can you please, please, […]


Motivation is tough. Sometimes you are overflowing with it, so much so that it’s hard to even get started working towards your goals because you’re so excited you can’t figure out where to start. Other times, motivation is so far gone that even the thought of trying to find the motivation you lost sounds […]

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Top Ten Worst Lines to Pickup An Asian Woman

I know how difficult it can be for men to approach women and initiate a conversation, and I give major props to those who do it. However, as an Asian woman, I have personally seen the biggest whiffs ever. Have you ever seen a soccer player try and kick a ball and miss so […]

Why is Google so Racist?

The search engine giant, Google, is scarily creeping into our lives, slowing seeping into the small cracks we open as our lazy-asses look for the internet to do everything for us. Want to know why the sky is blue? Ask Google. Want to know how to be a Godparent? Ask Google (I totally just […]