I had to say it

This is one of those blogs that, when I’m finished, I’ll hover the mouse over the “Publish” button for probably longer than it took me to write the damned thing. Hopefully, a surge of confidence will flow through my body and to my pointer finger, pressing the button. I’ll squeeze my eyes shut and […]

I’m Lucky!

I’ve been away from home since March 9th covering pokers tournaments for PokerNews. Fifteen days ago, after missing my first flight (a mistake that was idiotic and will never happen again), I boarded a plane to New York City and had the awesome misfortune of a 12-hour layover. My cousin, who I haven’t gotten […]

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Downswing :)

So you might be wondering why the hell I would put a smiley face after “downswing” in the title… welp, I guess I just decided not to be upset about it. I’m currently going through the largest downswing I’ve ever had. If I’m being honest, it’s not all that bad. I am, by nature, […]

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Motivation is tough. Sometimes you are overflowing with it, so much so that it’s hard to even get started working towards your goals because you’re so excited you can’t figure out where to start. Other times, motivation is so far gone that even the thought of trying to find the motivation you lost sounds […]

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Fave PokerNews Videos from the WSOP

Yikes, six weeks, and no posts…

I have an excuse! I was super busy! :) The WSOP was long and hard (that’s what she said), but now that it’s over I’ve been decompressing at home in Kalamazoo, MI. All in all, the series was so much fun. Here are a few of my fave videos…

First, […]

Yep, Another Op-Ed on the Ladies Event

I know, I know. Everyone and their mom have written about their opinion on the Ladies Event. It’s been debated on blogs and even Twitter (how anyone would want to try and debate something in 140 characters or less is beyond me), but I just wanted to give my two cents in my own […]

Getting Poker Coaching from Balugawhale

So this is my exciting news as written in a blog I posted on :

Poker players are obviously good at reading people, but often, it doesn’t transfer from the poker table to real life. For Jay Rosenkrantz, I believe it does.

First, he saw a real desire in me to change and improve my […]

EPT Berlin Was Raided by Gunmen

People often say that it’s the decisions you make in a split second that define you, so yesterday, when I was in one of the scariest situations I’ve ever been in, what did I find out about myself?

I’m the worst ninja ever.

So here’s what happened from my point of view: I was sitting in […]

A Look Back at Card Player Highlights

I officially started at Poker News this week! I’m super excited and about to get all cheesy on you… wait for it… ok, “You can’t know where you are going, until you know where you’ve been.” Ahhhhhh nerd alert! <– That’s what my camera guy, Erik Fast, used to say to me all the […]

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An Announcement

Change has always been hard for me. I have minor breakdowns anytime a player on one of the teams I root for gets traded. I freak out every time Facebook changes the home page (like this last time, WTF is going on there?). This morning, Andrew forgot to put the toilet seat down, and […]

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