Yikes, six weeks, and no posts…

I have an excuse! I was super busy! :) The WSOP was long and hard (that’s what she said), but now that it’s over I’ve been decompressing at home in Kalamazoo, MI. All in all, the series was so much fun. Here are a few of my fave videos…

First, I have to show off some soccer skillz (always cooler with a Z)

Q: “Have you ever hit it and quit it?”
A: “Regularly” (yessss fist pump)

Tom Dwan made tons of poker players crap their pants twice…

This place is SOO good. If you are in Vegas, you have to go.

Why is Phil Ivey so sick? Umm cuz he is.

This was my favorite update that I did… You know, lots of times I think I’m funny when I’m not, but people seemed to like this one. So maybe, for once in my life, MY JOKES WORKED!

So when we were making this blooper reel, I found out from our camera guys that I am the one who messes up the most! Haha better work on that…

And of course… this one.

So that’s what I was doing all summer! Hmm what else? Oh on three of my four off days, I decided to play tournaments. I played a $350 Venetian Deepstack and busted 20 minutes into day 2 (brutal but cashed for a geezy and change), played my only and only WSOP event which was the ladies event in which I got brutally eliminated in the first 20 min (read last post), and I played a stupid tournament at Binions at which the entire final table guilted me into doing some sort of crazy chop (I know I have to stand up for myself, I get it).

I didn’t get to play much cash, which I was really sad about. I feel like I might be losing a grip on some of the things Balugawhale taught me because it’s been so long. I’m enjoying my time off, but I’m really looking forward to grindzo-ing when I get home… OH that’s another thing. I moved out of Sky condos to a house 15 min off the strip. It’s huge! I love the space! There is a room that the tripod (amo, tmo, and I) are going to set up a grind station in. And it’s actually owned by poker player. Guess how I found it? Yup, TWITTER. BOOM twitter haters.

But that will have to wait a few weeks. I’m going to Sweden for a few days before I go to Tallinn, Estonia for an EPT. Glo will be there with me and my little Lynnie Geezy will be in Vegas then Brazil for LAPT. See, we really are like the fuckin Angels right? (obv I’m the asian one)

SO much going on! So much I want to write about, but this will have to suffice for now.