What’s funny about things that are worth fighting for is that most people give up after the first punch. Every year, they might make resolutions, swear to die by them, but come mid-February, it’s back to old, comfortable habits. As the clock ticks closer to midnight on December 31st, hopefuls everywhere puff their “last” cigarette, or scarf down one “final” plate of carb-glorious pasta, all while throwing guilt to the wind because NEXT year, is going to be different.

Of course, there’s a small percentage of people who succeed, but what happens to those who seemed so full of confidence and motivation? Well, life gets in the way, unforeseen roadblocks appear, and people are faced with one of two options. 1) mope, give up, feel sorry for themselves and blame their unfortunate circumstances of lack of time or money 2) suck it up, and keep moving your feet.

There are so many goals and accomplishments I want to achieve this year, and I feel like I’m capable, but I’m afraid that I am too easily discouraged. My plan this year though, is too create multiple small goals each week with hopes that meeting these will lead me closer to my loftier, more intimidating ones. We’ll see how it goes…

So far, it’s been going well. Yes, we’re only four days into the New Year, but hey, it’s a start. Andrew and I have both made some pretty serious poker goals, but a particularly bad session for him tonight may have put a damper on his momentum both financially and mentally. He’s so, so good, and has such great instinct, but I reckon he might be the most LAG reg in Vegas at the stakes he plays, making for big swings.

I interviewed Lex Veldhuis today for a PokerNews podcast, and I asked him whether it was something to consider to change your style of play to fit your capacity to handle swings, thus perhaps increasing your life EV while sacrificing a bit of your hourly rate. He said that you have a couple options… play tighter or keep playing laggy and eventually, you’ll get used the swings. It’s such easy, simple advice, but it seems to hit right on the head. Unfortunately, during the time you need to build your resistance to the swings super ubber sucks.

Today, I got in a buy-in with KK vs AA. It was standard. Then I double barreled in a hand and knew it was a perfect spot to triple barrel, but I think I was worried that I’d get hero-called because I’d just lost a big hand so I gave up… I think it would have worked. After that, I didn’t realize it, but I was pretty tilted and stacked off with AK suited pre against a guy who always has AA, KK, or QQ. Ugh balls.

Anyway, we’re off to the Bahamas in a few hours, and to be honest, we’re not stoked on leaving on such a low poker note. Haha, but if these are my kinds of problems, I’m a pretty damn lucky girl. The PCA is going to be pretty tough workwise, but I’m sure we’ll find some time in the sun!

<3 Kris