As you can see from the look of the site, I put in some work updating things! By some, I mean a lot, because it takes me forever to figure shizz out. I’m no website developer, but I like to do it myself (that’s what she said). I rewrote the About section, fixed broken links, created a new header, and de-cluttered. I also added a “Funny” category after rereading a bunch of my ridiculous posts that had nowhere to go (like this one on Tiger Woods, WTF?)

In 2011, I didn’t write much (I got drunk a lot last year), but I’m ready to get back into it after receiving encouragement from my friends. I also really want to post more in the Men’s Corner section because I’m constantly asked for advice on women, and for the most part, I think I’m pretty helpful! :)

So I’m making a commitment to post every Wednesday (HUMP DAY!). I also am considering creating a YouTube channel/Vlogs, inspired by Jeff Madsen and Phil Galfond.

Please, let me know in the comments what you guys think about the site, my blog, possible vlog, or whatever! Check back Wednesday for a new post! I think I may address what is known as “The Friendzone.”

<3 you guys,