Get Out of the Friend Zone

Helloooooo! Last time I posted, I hinted at writing about the dreaded Friend Zone and also the possibility of starting a YouTube Channel. I finally did it! For those of you who want the advice wrapped up into a neat 5-minute package, here is the video:

If you liked the video, can you please, please, […]

New Posts Every Wednesday!


As you can see from the look of the site, I put in some work updating things! By some, I mean a lot, because it takes me forever to figure shizz out. I’m no website developer, but I like to do it myself (that’s what she said). I rewrote the About section, fixed broken […]

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Downswing :)

So you might be wondering why the hell I would put a smiley face after “downswing” in the title… welp, I guess I just decided not to be upset about it. I’m currently going through the largest downswing I’ve ever had. If I’m being honest, it’s not all that bad. I am, by nature, […]

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Feeling Nostalgic

Anyone can be thrown down memory lane by the sight of a once-upon-a-time best friend, a few measures of a special song, or a simple whiff of a familiar smell. This past weekend, I had all of that and more.

On Wednesday, I flew from Vegas to Grand Rapids, Michigan alone, without my husband, Andrew. […]

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RIP Thuy Doan

“Were you scared?” She carefully asked, acutely aware of the high probability that I’d say yes.

“Yes, of course. It was the uncertainty of everything… but hey, try not to worry. Wait for your results.” I chose my words diligently. When someone confides in you because you’ve had cancer, and they’re asking because […]

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Rihanna is HOT!

Last night, I was at Mandalay Bay, 20 feet away from Rihanna, sipping on extra dirty martini’s, and pinching a shock-ridden Lynn Gilmartin… all for free.

So wait, let’s back up. On Friday, I decided to play the $1,000 Ladies Championship at the WSOP. This event is inevitably one full of controversy. There are differing […]

Amo + Kmo Wedding Story Part 2: Vows in the Rain

If you ask any couple about their wedding, most will tell you that it went by way too quickly. Despite the many warnings from our married friends, ours was no exception. While much of it seems like a big blur, I can recall most moments down to the finest detail.

My wedding day began […]

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Amo + Kmo Wedding Story Part 1: Storm before the Calm

Before I post the blog about all the mushy, lovey, wedding stuff, I figured I should do a blog on all the shenanigans that took place before the ceremony… AKA Bachelorette/Bachelor party bender.

To be honest, most of it is a big blur, but it’s a good thing I had a camera!

First up, Lynn comes […]

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I’m in BEAST MODE! (Insanity Results)

Definition of Beast Mode: used to describe a person in a state of feeling physically and/or mentally superior. In other words, “ready to ride or die.”

Male—“I’m liftin’100 lb dumbbells 9 times son, no spot. Getting pool ready! I’m in beast mode!”

Female—“I been workin’ out and my ass is lookin hot! Imma rage and drink […]

Reflection Time and Sominex

I’m writing this as I’m fighting the effects of two little blue miracle-workers called Sominex, so bear with me if this becomes a bit screwy.

I’m laying in my hotel room, the Millennium Biltmore to be exact. I just arrived today to cover the Big Event as it’s being called now. I’ve been fighting a […]

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