Engagement Story

If you’re gag reflex strong, just stop reading now… this could get quite mushy.

Now that I’ve given fair warning, I’ll tell you all Andrew and my engagement story. We were engaged almost exactly one year ago in Paris. We’d planned a trip just after EPT Grand Final last year to visit his mom who […]

My Take On Monaco – Rich People Wear White

Never wear white. It is not slimming and it gets dirty.

That’s what my mom told me since I was a little kid. And it t makes sense. Why would you get something white? It will just dull or stain, so you’re basically burning money. From that point on, I never bought anything white. Every […]

An Act of Kindness

A few weeks ago, Andrew (my fiancé) was having one of the worst poker sessions he’s ever had. By worst, I mean unluckiest/cold deck-iest/buy-in worthy bad days. He’d been playing for a few hours when he texted me and asked if I could bring him his white Express track jacket to the Wynn. I […]

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Getting Poker Coaching from Balugawhale

So this is my exciting news as written in a blog I posted on DeucesCracked.com/blogs/snaptress :

Poker players are obviously good at reading people, but often, it doesn’t transfer from the poker table to real life. For Jay Rosenkrantz, I believe it does.

First, he saw a real desire in me to change and improve my […]

Random Pics

Wow, I totally sucked at updated in the last three weeks. Since a lot has happened, including a couple of the best times of my life…

First thing after Berlin was a ski trip to Brianhead Utah with a bunch of my friends from Card Player.

The ski trip was amazing. Nothing like great friends […]

Berlin- A Picture Blog

There’s nothing like traveling to open up your eyes to the world, and the wonderful ways in which we are different… here’s my trip in snapshots:

So that was my trip… As you can tell, I had an amazing time. I also got a new camera :) I posted more pictures on my facebook page… […]

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EPT Berlin Was Raided by Gunmen

People often say that it’s the decisions you make in a split second that define you, so yesterday, when I was in one of the scariest situations I’ve ever been in, what did I find out about myself?

I’m the worst ninja ever.

So here’s what happened from my point of view: I was sitting in […]

Taking in the Moments — Berlin

On Sunday night, I arrived in Berlin. My job this trip is to produce PokerStars blog videos for the EPT main event. We’re staying at the Mandala, and it’s sooo nice. So nice in fact, that I feel a little uncomfortable. I’m definitely not complaining, I just wish I was little more familiar with […]

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Fails Are Hilarious

After realizing I put my undies on inside out today for like, the billionth time, I started laughing, and then it got me thinking about how hilarious it is when other people “fail.” Here are a few of my favorites:

Remember that game where your mom or dad would take your hand and shove it […]

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Someone in Vegas Axed a Baby

I was getting my nails done the other day and did something I rarely ever do… I sat and watched the five-o’clock news.

When I was growing up in Portage, Mi, I used to watch the news all time. It was a pretty decent mixture of local hero stories and compelling crime cases that were […]

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