Ohh… Valentine’s Day

So two days ago was Valentine’s Day, and I’ve come to realize that over time, my idea of wonderful V-day has changed. Now, I see it as a day that high expectations are rarely met, that make many singles want to vomit, and a day that men usually dread… and it’s all draped […]

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A Look Back at Card Player Highlights

I officially started at Poker News this week! I’m super excited and about to get all cheesy on you… wait for it… ok, “You can’t know where you are going, until you know where you’ve been.” Ahhhhhh nerd alert! <– That’s what my camera guy, Erik Fast, used to say to me all the […]

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An Announcement

Change has always been hard for me. I have minor breakdowns anytime a player on one of the teams I root for gets traded. I freak out every time Facebook changes the home page (like this last time, WTF is going on there?). This morning, Andrew forgot to put the toilet seat down, and […]

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Top Ten Worst Lines to Pickup An Asian Woman

I know how difficult it can be for men to approach women and initiate a conversation, and I give major props to those who do it. However, as an Asian woman, I have personally seen the biggest whiffs ever. Have you ever seen a soccer player try and kick a ball and miss so […]

A Picture Update

So… hi.

For the past three weeks, I’ve been so incredibly busy with traveling, holidays, and work, but don’t you worry (because I know you all just simply cannot wait for my blog posts), one of my New Year’s resolutions is to blog more, at least once a week.

I thought I’d just do an update […]

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Sorry! I Messed Up!

So I think I do an awesome job making this website all by myself, but of course I screw a few things up! One of the biggest mistakes I just found out is that Contact Form under the Contact tab wasn’t configured <– fancy term for “oops, I’m a dumby and forgot to put my […]

Growing Beer Balls

So you know the Bud Light commercials that show one situation, and a person handling it both “Too Light” and “Too Heavy”???  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the video below.

Well, the “Too Light” version is me pretty much all the time. For some reason, one my biggest fears is asking […]

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Why is Google so Racist?

The search engine giant, Google, is scarily creeping into our lives, slowing seeping into the small cracks we open as our lazy-asses look for the internet to do everything for us. Want to know why the sky is blue? Ask Google. Want to know how to be a Godparent? Ask Google (I totally just […]

Tiger Tiger Woods Ya’ll

Once upon a time, on December 30, 1975, a beautiful baby boy was born named Tiger Woods. The dang kid was a quarter Chinese, a quarter black, an eighth Native American, and an eighth Dutch– an overachiever from the start.

In 2004, Tiger was married to Swedish model Elin Nordegren. The hot blond-hair blue-eyed gal […]

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Men’s Corner- Christmas Gifts for the Lady

I’m so excited that people have actually been sending in questions, but I’ve been so incredibly busy lately that I’ve neglected this section a little. I apologize for that.  For those of you who don’t know what Men’s Corner is, check out the previous posts. Here’s the question:
Matt from California writes:

What’s up Kristy? I […]

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