Last night, I was at Mandalay Bay, 20 feet away from Rihanna, sipping on extra dirty martini’s, and pinching a shock-ridden Lynn Gilmartin… all for free.

So wait, let’s back up. On Friday, I decided to play the $1,000 Ladies Championship at the WSOP. This event is inevitably one full of controversy. There are differing opinions about whether or not the event should even exist, but in addition, because of Nevada state law, men cannot be legally excluded from the event. I wrote about this last year after Shaun Deeb decided to dress up like a woman and play, and after all the flack he got, I was optimistic that there would be much less men entering.

I was wrong. There were more. On Twitter I called them “attention seeking EV whores,” which I think most people agree with me. What’s funny is that this year, I decided to dress up like an online grinder (slippers, basketball shorts, hat, hoodie, and beats by dre). For those who are really into poker, or play a lot live, the joke is hilarious. People who didn’t understand just thought I was, “gangster.” Anyway, three of the guys who busted the Ladies Event were wearing my exact outfit. Go figure.

I tried to be the table captain, ran into a few big hands, made one pretty big mistake, and then busted in the third level. Feeling a bit tilted, I went to twitter to see how my other friends were doing in the event, and came across a link that Ali Nejad posted about a chance to win free Rihanna tickets. I followed the link to a FaceBook fan page for NiveaUSA which is a sponsor for her concert tour. I submitted and just kind of forgot about it. I continued to mope around, lamenting about the tournament, but a few hours later, I got a call saying I had won the tickets!

Immediately, I asked my HUSBAND (haha yeah, still getting used to that) if he wanted to go. He gave me a funny face and said, “Sure, but actually, I think you’d have more fun if you went with Lynn or something.” He was really cute about it, and I kind of agreed since I knew that Lynn LOVES Rihanna. I called her…

“Hey Lynn, I got tickets to Rihanna tomorrow for free. You want to go?”


“They are 8th-row tickets!”

“SQUEEEEEEEEL SCREAM SHRIEEEEK”… and I almost blew an eardrum… Needless to say, she was excited.

The next day, I picked her up right after she got out of work, and we headed to Mandalay Bay. We showed up early and grabbed a bite to eat by the poker room. Oh yeah, we don’t mess around when we’re hungry! After shoveling it down, we stopped at the bar to grab dirty martinis. We double fisted two drinks like the classy ladies we are.

On the way to event center, we passed the famous body part’s wall. Even though we aren’t tourists, we couldn’t help ourselves. I made her motorboat it… Again, we are quite classy.

As we walked in, I saw a huge sign for B.o.B.! He was opening for Rihanna! I was so excited because I LOVE him too! If you read my post called BEAST MODE, you’d know that he’s the guy who raps that song! After he performed, Lynn and I went to get more drinks and we just kept running into poker players! We saw 2009 WSOP Main Event winner Joe Cada, nose-bleed online cash-game player Sami Kelopuro aka LarzLuzak with a super smoking hot blonde girl, and Jon “Pearljammer” Turner who was going to late register for the $50,000 Players Championship right after. What a degen, right?

We got settled back into our INCREDIBLE seats just before Rihanna was about to start. When the stage lit up, and the music began pumping through the auditorium, I got mountainous goose bumps! I was beyond excited. Rihanna came out to “Only Girl in the World.” She was just such a phenomenal performer. The sexiest number was “S&M” for obvious reasons. She was wearing a skin-tight patent leather white corset and was chained to her backup dancers. She performed lots of songs from her new “Loud” album, but also tons of other hits too including Umbrella! Jay-Z’s part was of course from the album. When she sang, “Live my life,” I looked at Lynn and she was tearing up!

We thought Rihanna had ended the show with her solo rendition of “Love the way you lie.” It was beautiful. After the stage went dark, and I signaled to Lynn that we should leave. She leaned in and said, “If she’s a real performer, she’ll have an encore.” Seconds later, the music started back up, and sure enough, Rihanna reappeared.

Lynn and I had so much fun and couldn’t stop talking about it for the next couple of hours. I told her that we should try and win tickets again! There’s a competition called, the “Skin2Skin” Challenge on the NiveaUSA FaceBook page. In case you don’t know, Nivea is a skin care line hence the name “Skin2Skin.” Hahaha, just thought I’d explain since it could sound raunchy. You can enter by submitting a picture. You can win a trip to NYC to see her perform, or if you get the most votes on your picture, you can win a trip to Europe! You guys would LOL if you heard some of our ideas for the picture we are going to submit. I think I’m getting some free Nivea stuff too (which I’ll share with Lynn obv) which I’m excited about since I currently pay silly money for what I use now.

Anyway, after the concert, I was feeling kind of silly about being sad about busting from the Ladies Event. It obviously led me to these tickets! Seriously, Rihanna is my new girl-crush. Not only is she sexy, but she’s strong too. I couldn’t help but think about what a d-bag Chris Brown is. Kind of like all the men who entered the ladies event… total tool sheds. (That’s right. Not just a tool, or a tool bag… TOOL SHED).

That’s all for now. And btw, Part III of the Amo + Kmo Wedding Story won’t be posted for awhile. I’m going to wait until we have the rest of the pictures edited and maybe even the video.