Oh jeez. Subway doors are hard to open again… it’s time to get back into BEAST MODE!

Last year around this time, Donnie Peters and I started a prop bet to finish the nutso 60-day cardio-based workout plan called Insanity. It was so effing hard, but we did it. Afterwards, I felt unstoppable. Gone were the days of waiting for Andrew to get home to open pickle jars for me. Pshh, I crushed those airtight seals. [Blog about Insanity results]

Well, I’m out of shape again, and I hate this feeling. I get tired during the day and just feel slow and sluggish. My friend from college came to visit a couple of weeks ago and introduced to me to two things… 1) the show Workaholics [which is effing hilarious] and 2) Jamie Eason’s 12-Week Program.

This friend was also on the baseball team at the college I played soccer for. As former athletes, I think it’s just programmed into our bodies to want to try and stay in shape. Anything else feels unnatural.

Whether you have or haven’t ever been in great shape, I have a feeling that you would like to. We all have excuses… “I don’t have time.” “I travel too much.” “I don’t know how.” I’ve used them all before, but I’ve made health a priority. You only live once, and you only have one body, so TAKE CARE OF IT!

So I decided I’m going to give this workout/meal plan a try. I’ve kind of always been interested in trying something more along the lines of bodybuilding. I’ve always thought that girls with fit, toned bodies are super attractive, which got me wondering what guys think about strong females. I posted this picture of Jamie Eason and got some majorly conflicting responses.

I posted a “softer” looking pic of Jamie, and then there were many more “hot” responses than “not.”


Personally, I think the second picture is super hot. It’s just interesting to hear what guys think about strong female bodies. In general, most guys want to some boobies and butt cheeks to play with, and they also don’t want to lose an arm wrestling competition to a girl. AMIRIGHT?

Anyway, to each their own. This blog is kind of a ramble. Sorry about that! My mind has been a scatter brained. I am working on my next video, and I can’t wait to shoot it! Thanks so much for your feedback and support on my first YouTube video on the FriendZone.

<3 Kris