Feeling Nostalgic

Anyone can be thrown down memory lane by the sight of a once-upon-a-time best friend, a few measures of a special song, or a simple whiff of a familiar smell. This past weekend, I had all of that and more.

On Wednesday, I flew from Vegas to Grand Rapids, Michigan alone, without my husband, Andrew. […]

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Amo + Kmo Wedding Story Part 2: Vows in the Rain

If you ask any couple about their wedding, most will tell you that it went by way too quickly. Despite the many warnings from our married friends, ours was no exception. While much of it seems like a big blur, I can recall most moments down to the finest detail.

My wedding day began […]

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An Act of Kindness

A few weeks ago, Andrew (my fiancé) was having one of the worst poker sessions he’s ever had. By worst, I mean unluckiest/cold deck-iest/buy-in worthy bad days. He’d been playing for a few hours when he texted me and asked if I could bring him his white Express track jacket to the Wynn. I […]

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Ohh… Valentine’s Day

So two days ago was Valentine’s Day, and I’ve come to realize that over time, my idea of wonderful V-day has changed. Now, I see it as a day that high expectations are rarely met, that make many singles want to vomit, and a day that men usually dread… and it’s all draped […]

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New Moon, UFC 106, and The Blindside

This weekend was one of the best I’ve had here in Vegas.

It started out on Friday. Andrew and I met up with a few friends from Card Player and played drinking games… Ahh makes me miss college. (We played Ef the Dealer and Bull Shizer Pyramid. Alex got Effed, and Fast got pwned.) Afterwards […]

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