Strong female bods… HOT or NOT?

Oh jeez. Subway doors are hard to open again… it’s time to get back into BEAST MODE!

Last year around this time, Donnie Peters and I started a prop bet to finish the nutso 60-day cardio-based workout plan called Insanity. It was so effing hard, but we did it. Afterwards, I felt unstoppable. Gone were […]

I’m in BEAST MODE! (Insanity Results)

Definition of Beast Mode: used to describe a person in a state of feeling physically and/or mentally superior. In other words, “ready to ride or die.”

Male—“I’m liftin’100 lb dumbbells 9 times son, no spot. Getting pool ready! I’m in beast mode!”

Female—“I been workin’ out and my ass is lookin hot! Imma rage and drink […]