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Getting Poker Coaching from Balugawhale

So this is my exciting news as written in a blog I posted on :

Poker players are obviously good at reading people, but often, it doesn’t transfer from the poker table to real life. For Jay Rosenkrantz, I believe it does.

First, he saw a real desire in me to change and improve my […]

Berlin- A Picture Blog

There’s nothing like traveling to open up your eyes to the world, and the wonderful ways in which we are different… here’s my trip in snapshots:

So that was my trip… As you can tell, I had an amazing time. I also got a new camera :) I posted more pictures on my facebook page… […]

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Taking in the Moments — Berlin

On Sunday night, I arrived in Berlin. My job this trip is to produce PokerStars blog videos for the EPT main event. We’re staying at the Mandala, and it’s sooo nice. So nice in fact, that I feel a little uncomfortable. I’m definitely not complaining, I just wish I was little more familiar with […]

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A Look Back at Card Player Highlights

I officially started at Poker News this week! I’m super excited and about to get all cheesy on you… wait for it… ok, “You can’t know where you are going, until you know where you’ve been.” Ahhhhhh nerd alert! <– That’s what my camera guy, Erik Fast, used to say to me all the […]

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