I’m Lucky!

I’ve been away from home since March 9th covering pokers tournaments for PokerNews. Fifteen days ago, after missing my first flight (a mistake that was idiotic and will never happen again), I boarded a plane to New York City and had the awesome misfortune of a 12-hour layover. My cousin, who I haven’t gotten […]

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Fave PokerNews Videos from the WSOP

Yikes, six weeks, and no posts…

I have an excuse! I was super busy! :) The WSOP was long and hard (that’s what she said), but now that it’s over I’ve been decompressing at home in Kalamazoo, MI. All in all, the series was so much fun. Here are a few of my fave videos…

First, […]

My Take On Monaco – Rich People Wear White

Never wear white. It is not slimming and it gets dirty.

That’s what my mom told me since I was a little kid. And it t makes sense. Why would you get something white? It will just dull or stain, so you’re basically burning money. From that point on, I never bought anything white. Every […]

EPT Berlin Was Raided by Gunmen

People often say that it’s the decisions you make in a split second that define you, so yesterday, when I was in one of the scariest situations I’ve ever been in, what did I find out about myself?

I’m the worst ninja ever.

So here’s what happened from my point of view: I was sitting in […]

Ohh… Valentine’s Day

So two days ago was Valentine’s Day, and I’ve come to realize that over time, my idea of wonderful V-day has changed. Now, I see it as a day that high expectations are rarely met, that make many singles want to vomit, and a day that men usually dread… and it’s all draped […]

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