A LOT. Holy h-bombs. Here’s a quick picture update…

First, I went to Sweden at the end of August to visit a couple friends we met at the poker tables about a year ago. That sounds weird, but these two guys have become some of the closest friends we have. While we were there, their friends welcomed us with open arms.


*** Fun anecdotes: H&M is on every corner, Swedish girls are fun, the government controls the sale of alcohol but everyone has free education and health care, Andrew and I got caught being inappropriate in public

I then went to Tallinn, Estonia for an EPT event. For some reason, I can’t find any of the pictures! F-bombs

*** Fun anecdotes: Estonian women are beautiful, this is the origin of terrible dancing, Old Town is shizzzz

My next trip was to Rosario, Argentina for an LAPT event. It was insane how much fun I had. I love the general Latin American culture. The people is insanely friendly, and you get to kiss everyone! (Handshaking is rude) Everything was really inexpensive, and I was literally laughing the entire trip. I LOVE the people I work with… how can I be so lucky?


*** Fun anecdotes: Ok I have two stories…
1) The city we stayed is was quite poor, and there were stray dogs everywhere. If you don’t know Lynn, one of the most endearing characteristics about her is her ability to love whole heartedly, and she has a HUGE soft spot for animals. After the PokerStars party (open bar obv), we went to a restaurant for some late night/drunken pizza with Ricardo, a friend from the tour. We went to leave, but Lynn found a sleeping dog just outside the door. I came out and started petting the dog with her, but it was clear she wasn’t leaving until the dog was fed.

“Give me the most expensive steak you have!!” she yelled. Ten minutes later the owner of the restaurant brings out some meat and we end up stumbling around the cobblestone streets of Rosario in heels and short dresses feeding stray dogs. Of course, the owner of the restaurant didn’t charge her. :) Ahh, gotta love her.

2) So, one of the first nights, we gather up a crew to go to dinner consisting of five girls and Chad Halloway who just started working for PN full time. We’re talking, eating, having some wine, and laughing it up. On the way back, one of the girls says, “Man, our internet sucks so bad. I tried to watch a YouPorn video and bang one out real quick but the video wouldn’t load.” Hmmm YouPorn? Never heard of it, so I ask what it is. Everyone laughs and someone says, “Umm think about it. It’s like YouTube except…” Ohhhhh gotcha. I look over at Chad, and he’s smiling but looking a little uncomfortable with the girl convo.

The next day, I’m bored in my hotel room so I go to YouPorn.com to check it out. Without thinking, I just click on the first video (scandalous, I know! lol) Immediately my laptop is moaning. “Ahhh ohhhh yeahhhh” It stops, loads for a couple seconds, and starts moaning again. I laughed then got a call in my room and forget about it. I go on with my night and then log onto skype to figure out what everyone is doing for dinner. We have a group chat where we can all talk to each other. Here’s how it went (The bold in parenthesis is what I’m thinking):

Sarah: I hate this hotel. I literally just heard the guy in the room next to me gently clear his throat. I can hear when he pees.

Chad: Yeah, the person in the room next to me is watching porn. (OMGOMGOMG No waaaaaaay! HE HEARD!!!!!!!! Maybe someone else was watching porn too)
Chad: Funny thing is… (Nooooooooooooo don’t say it!)
Chad: Kristy is in the room next to me. (EFfffffff omgomgomg I’m so embarassed!)

Kristy: Hahahhah Ahhh
Kristy: i just wanted to know what is! jeez! i just looked at it real quick! (blahblahblah)

Sarah: haha sure…

Ok, so after that convo I call Lynn and tell her that I was just checking it out because I didn’t know what it was! I freak out about how embarrassed I am. Not that there is anything wrong with watching porn, not that I’ve never watched it before, but I just don’t want these people I don’t know that well to think I just sit in my hotel room and log onto YouPorn all day! She tells me not to worry about it, that it’s funny, and it’s not a big deal at all. So just as I was calming, I go to Lynn’s room which was 3 floors higher to get ready for dinner. We leave her room and find Chad at the elevator.

Lynn: “Oh hey Chad, what are you doing on this floor? I thought you were on Kristy’s floor since your room is right next to hers.”
Chad: “No, I’m on this floor. I was just kidding.”

YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! He was just joking!!! WTF, what a frickin coincidence!!! Hahah I just called myself out. Grrrrrrrrr. Anyway, THE END.

Up next! I had a birthday in there somewhere! :) I had so many wonderful people wish me a Happy Birthday! I frickin love you guys! Man, I’m 25 now…

After my b-day was Halloween! All I need to say is clan of Pandas and Double Rainbow.


*** Fun ancedotes: There are way more “furrys” than you would think. Our pandas were a huge hit… huge. hahaha Also, if you don’t know what a Double Rainbow is, here it is:

And the last picture collage is of Lynn’s birthday

Lynn's Birthday

Ok, that was a lot of work. That’s what I get for not writing… Ok, going to sleep now. Big day tomorrow – NEW WSOP CHAMPION!!

<3 you guuuuys, Kristy